Helena Wolf

Selbstwirksamkeit – Mitweltverständigung – innerer und äußerer Wandel – Yoga – ganzheitliche Gesundheit

What´s the solution to a peaceful revolution?
Take the problem at its roots
start wirth yourself, reflect:
What do I do?
Why do I want this?
What would I like?

No matter what the answer is,
realise it´s never more than this:
an idea or just a thought
acoording to what you´ve been tought

It´s something that can be right or wrong
however mind seems always strong

But if you calm down
ready to meet the unknown
you might first think there was nothing
and then feel, that you´re in
That you are in this wonderful world
hearing the river that has always hurled:

Connect all living hearts
to unite all parts
to just one thing
the magical moment you´re in

Das ist, was mein Herz mir flüstert und mich dazu bewegt als Freigeist selbstbestimmt, achtsam und verantwortungsvoll zu leben und meine Erfahrung mit Menschen zu teilen.